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Throughout its colorful 23-year history, the success of Folkmoot has been due, in large part, to the more than 600 volunteers who work tirelessly to make sure everything goes smoothly and that the festival is a memorable event for everyone involved.

Each year, volunteers log thousands of hours to help the festival succeed. Before it even begins, there are beds to be assembled, correspondence to be translated, posters and brochures to be distributed and civic clubs to be addressed. Once the festival is under way, there are linens to be changed, towels to be cleaned, meals to be prepared (about 1,700 a day) and buses to be driven.

There are missing items to be located, minor - and sometimes major - emergencies to be addressed, and countless efforts to support the 300 musicians and dancers who gather each year for the festival.

The efforts of volunteers range from replacing items that have been lost during travel, to doing whatever they can to make sure the performers have a good experience and are ready to perform.

If it were not for those who donate their time to Folkmoot, the festival would not happen. But ask almost any one of them, and they will tell you they get more out of it than they give.

Volunteer commitments range from large - such as serving as a guide for visiting performers - to smaller tasks. If you have never volunteered for Folkmoot and would like to become involved, please complete and submit the application below.

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